Ervin Nyiregyházi : a virtuoso pianist in the slums

"A new Liszt........and that truly seems to be the case, assuming that Liszt was actually this good"

Arnold Schoenberg, 1935

"He must be insane"
Toru Takemitsu, 1982

New ReleaseII

Nyiregyházi Live

Vol 1: The Century Club of California, 1972

Remastered from newly-discovered tapes previously owned by Nyiregyházi

Superb sound quality (2CDs)!


What's New

Who was Ervin Nyiregyházi?

Nyiregyházi Archive
Photos, Compositions, Books, Posters, and Concert programs.........

Nyiregyházi and Japan
She was his "dream"

Recordings and film footage

Pianoroll Recordings (1921-27)

Recording Fragments from Films and the Promotinal LP (1929-46)

Live/Studio Recordings (1972-84)

Ervin's Master's Voice

Fredric Lamond's recordings

Articles contributed by Kevin Bazzana

Lost Genius
The Story of a Forgotten Musical Marverick

Nyiregyházi and Einstein

Nyiregyházi, James Sample, and the Federal Music Project



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