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Who was Ervin Nyiregyházi?

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His Name

1. ...has to be written as "Nyiregyházi". While "i" is regular,  "a" must be Hungarian "á" (Please note that this spell is different from the town name "Nyíregyháza" where non-English, Hungarian "í" and "á" are used)

2. When Nyiregyházi was asked how to pronounce his name in an interview, he replied like this

His Life
1. Please read the introductory article "Lost genius" by Kevin Bazzana

2. His complete absolute pitch is well documented in "The Psychology of a music prodigy" by G. Revesz. Revesz recorded that Ervin (7 years old) was able to identify 20 out of 24 notes from these three chords. See the actual notes.

3. Wikipedia article

Selected Recordings
1. Liszt Deux Legendes, No.1. St Francois D'Assise Predicant Aux Oiseaux ("Birds")
Old First Church, 5/6/1973

2. Liszt: Deux Legendes No.2, "St. Francois De Paule Marchant Sur les flots" ("Waves")
Old First Church, 5/6/1973

3. Liszt: gMazeppah in D Minor, No. 4 from the Eudes d'execution transcendante
(ca. spring or summer of 1924; November 1924; 63703H) , pianoroll recording

4. Liszt: Faust symphony, the 2nd movement "Gretchen"
Ronald Antonioli's home, 4/30/1978

5. Tchaikovsky, arranged by Percy Grainger: Concert Paraphrase on the gFlower Waltzh from The Nutcracker
(ca. September 1922; January 1923; 61613H), pianoroll recording

Film Footage (appeared as pianist)
The Lost Zeppelin (1926)

Soul of Monster (1944)

His own words
Also sprach Nyiregyhazi

CTV interview (1978)

His performance for Queen Mary

His slum period

Life without having a piano

The ending

Ongoing Projects
London-based label Sonetto Classics has acquired large archival materials of Nyiregyházi in 2016, and Nyiregyházi Live Trilogy project has been launched. The first album, Nyiregyházi Live, Vol. 1: The Century Club Recital (2CD), is released on April 8, 2017, which marks the 30th anniversary of his death.